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Kalari Kovilakom is the Palace for Ayurveda, perhaps the first and only one of its kind. Its face is the face of the warrior-king, elegant and expansive. But its heart is that of a sage, offering a deep healing, a doorway to the union of the mind, body and spirit.

Kalari Kovilakom has been restored and recreated into a unique experience in wellness. Combining the healing experience of India's ancient medicinal system, Ayurveda, with the sumptuousness of palace living.

So is it a spa? A Palace hotel? An ayurvedic hospital? An ashram? Kalari is beyond these simply because it is a little of all of these.

The intent and purpose of Kalari Kovilakom is a to give you a chance to start your life all over again. Ayurveda, if correctly followed, promises not only a new body and mind, but a deep connection with the spirit.

The air-conditioning, the luxury bath fittings and the four - poster beds will certainly lull you, but they shouldn't mislead you. For Kalari offers unvarnished Ayurveda, administered in its purest form, in accordance with millennia-old texts and traditions

Falcon Tours and Travels18 Heritage suites that offer the experience of authentic palace living. The Old Guest Wing, with '20s colonial Western-styled rooms. The Palace Wing, which has traditional Kerala architecture reminiscent of the 'Zenana' (harem).
Falcon Tours and TravelsAyurvedic vegetarian food, prepared in a pure Ayurvedic kitchen. The food served to you is based on your therapies, and varies accordingly. A meal in Kalari's pillar-framed, breezy dining area usually begins with tumblers of lukewarm, herb-medicated waters, your serving being based on your body type and our physician's recommendation. The highlight of the meal is next, a gleaming brass thali. It arrives covered in a banana leaf section, sliced to fit, and offset by rows of glistening katoris, or cups. Based on your ayurvedic body type, our physicians create comprehensive lists of foods that favour you and those that don't.
 Ayurveda treatment rooms, catering to 10 persons simultaneously.
 Ayurvedic beauty therapy centre.
 Extensive gardens growing Ayurvedic herbs.
 Yoga, meditation and chanting hall.
 Well-stocked library.
 Traditional Kalari arena.
 Spaces for music and cultural performances.
Falcon Tours and TravelsAnti Ageing - Rasayana Chikitsa (28 Days)
Aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. The cells are revitalized and their composition is changed. The nerves and bones are kept soft and smoothened; tranquility of the mind is promoted. This prevents the process of ageing and makes the individual free from diseases even at an advanced age. In this Anti aging programme, the first 2 weeks are reserved for a cleansing treatment to eliminate the toxins. Then, the rejuvenation treatments start, with medicines and diet. Our programme is based on the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing the aging processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and increasing the immunity of the system.

Falcon Tours and TravelsAnti Stress Programme - Manasanthy (14 Days)
It is a proven fact that the mind plays an important role in governing not just the actions we take, but their qualitative nature, i.e., how well or badly we act. Anything which manipulates the mind will thus reflect on the body. People facing a lot of stress from their hectic lives thus end up with not only mental, but a host of physical problems too, usually called 'lifestyle diseases'
Ayurveda, combined with Yoga offers the perfect answer for this. At Kalari Kovilakom, we've developed a special 7 to 14 days programme called 'Manasanthy', based on these two ancient systems of wellness.

Falcon Tours and TravelsGeneral Rejuvenation - Pancha Karma (21 - 28 Days)
Panch karma is the classic 5-point revitalization treatment that's gaining worldwide fame these days. Although Panchakarma is often thought of as the entire procedure, it really is one part of a group of therapies belonging to a class of cleansing procedures called 'Sodhana'

At Kalari, the Panchakarma process is more intensive, following closely the early texts of Ayurveda like the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita

Slimming Programme - Thaulyakna Chikilsa (21 - 28 Days)
Diet pills lower the body's fat set points by speeding up the organism, making both body and brain work faster. This increases Vata, which makes both body and mind crave for more sweets to balance.
Ayurveda believes in speeding up organism in healthy natural ways, with treatments to increase fat metabolism, exercise, herb-based diet supplements and the use of light non-Kapha producing foods, which control Vata while relieving the system of excess Kapha.
In Kalari Kovilakom, there is a programme for 28 days including yoga, which assures you of genuine metabolic change.

Falcon Tours and TravelsSoundarya - Beauty Care Programme (10 Days)
According to Ayurveda, beauty is not just limited to attractive physical features or a slim and trim body figure but it also includes a healthy mental and spiritual state. This inner beauty is necessary, if the outer appearance is to be preserved.
Soundarya programme emphasizes this. Herbal-based facial scrubs and lotions are selected according to the Dosha predominance. These rejuvenate the cells and remove wrinkles. Rejuvenative herbal preparations are used to re-animate the skin with regular massage.
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