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Welcome to Vythiri Resort. Where you are completely in harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored and raw. Where, the ambience is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing. The cottages and huts are in the ethnic styles. Taking you back to an indigenous "tribal village" where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. The climate is mildly cool, just fine - neither too cold, nor warm. Perfect. It's just like no other hill resort. All the time, it's like having put your AC on to a comfortable cool. An old British Colonial retreat, Vythiri is a holiday waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. Always fresh, completely unspoiled. Come, enjoy the glory of paradise. By yourselves.

Vythiri Resort is parked bang amidst a 150-acre coffee and cardamom plantation. Replete with traditional planter's cottages that transport you back to a laid-back era. Is that a thunderous roar of a stream crashing down a ravine that you hear? Vythiri Resort. For the incurably romantic, the terribly adventurous or the complete workaholic who needs to recharge his batteries with ayurvedic rejuvenation. Welcome.

Falcon Tours and Travels Vythiri offers you well appointed tastefully furnished rooms. It has all modern amenities including en-suite bathroom, hot water etc. So that you enjoy your brush-with-nature comfortably. You have three fabulous choices on your stay here. Planter's Lodges (Paadi Rooms), Cottages and Deluxe Rooms
Planters Retreat - 6 adjoining rooms fully fitted, each with a veranda offering a beautiful view of the lush surroundings and flowing stream. Tile roofed Planter's Lodges are inspired by ancient Keralite traditions.
Serenity Cottages - There are 18 spacious stream-facing cottages, offering you the golden opportunity of waking up to the sounds of a gurgling stream. Self-contained and ideal for couples / family. The floorings are terracotta tiles and red-oxide finished red polished floors.
Vythiri Habitat - There are 4 spacious stream-facing cottages, offering you the golden opportunity of waking up to the sounds of a gurgling stream with the balcony just above the natural pool.
Vythiri Haven - 10 Vythiri Haven which is like a suite room with a living room and very spacious. And on top of this there is 02 Tree House. 01 is 60 feet from the ground level and the other one is 40 feet.
Falcon Tours and TravelsThe Vythiri restaurant, Thinna offers delectable dishes in typical Kerala style cooking. Kerala cuisine is mildly spicy with an aromatic coconut blend. From the famed Malabar style Chicken curry to the Prawn fry in the Coastal style. Perhaps a Mangalorean fish curry with fluffy Appams followed by the thick syrupy Payasam, the dessert would be welcome. However, we would be delighted to cater to your special requests, on condition that prior notice is given at the time of booking.
Falcon Tours and Travels Vythiri Spa, Ayurveda centre, Health Club, Games Room, Natural Pool, Conference Hall, Travel Assistance, TV salon, Coffee Shop, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Kids Play Area, Swimming pool, Safe Deposit Lockers & Doctor on call.
Falcon Tours and TravelsFishing, Boating, Rock Climbing, Cultural Shows, Fun 'n Games, Bird Watching & Safari can be arranged on request.
Bangalore 290 Kms
Mysore 150 Kms
Ooty 120 Kms
Calicut 85 Kms
Madikeri 140 Kms
Vythiri Resort
Lakkidi P.O,
Wayanad 673 576,
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