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Falcon Tours and Travels

Water and history are the defining elements at Coconut Lagoon. Water surges in clockwork rhythms on its shores, through its canals and pools. And history stands watch from the grounds above. . From the centuries-old beams of the heritage mansion to the carved woods of the reception, the past comes alive as liquid reflections, mirrored in ripples and shards wherever you look.

Coconut Lagoon is a deliberately created harmony. Our purpose is always to enhance nature rather than control it. Take the butterfly garden, a little experiment of ours. We found a space with natural moisture, sunlight and a profusion of wild flowers. So we added some flowing water, a few well-chosen plants and voila...a garden alive with flashing wings.

Falcon Tours and Travels

Coconut Lagoon has 3 different categories of Accommodations
Heritage Bungalows, Heritage Mansions, Deluxe Pool Villas
A roof close-up from one of our villa accommodations. The distinctive tile patterns are a trademark of Kerala. Wooden beams laid square form the frame, which is then embellished with subtle carved patterns. A brass door decoration and knocker, part of the original appointments at the Heritage Mansion, an example of traditional craftsmanship.. Many of the crafts and forms you'll see at Coconut Lagoon were once in fear of extinction. Now, they've been given a fresh lease of life. While the comforts of modern civilization are all at hand, we've made sure they don't intrude. Living experiences at Coconut lagoon are never more than the essence of old Kerala, updated slightly perhaps, but kept pure and simple.
Falcon Tours and TravelsLunch is best taken at our airy. Verandah - style restaurant, with sumptuous buffet options that celebrate the best and most varied traditions of Kerala cuisine. Fort Cochin is the specialty fish restaurant. The emphasis is on freshness, and the menu stays small, focusing on seasonal varieties and the catch of the day also a wide selection of International favorites
Falcon Tours and TravelsSwimming pool, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation center, Recreation Area, Kalari (Martial Arts) training, Boat rides, like the sunset cruise, Explore life on the backwaters, Visit the Kavanar bird sanctuary and farms, Experience organic farming and fish cultivation, Learn to cook with spices, Attend a performance of Kathakali, Kerala's classical dance, or a traditional music concert, Village Walk & Try your hand (and foot) at Kalari, Kerala's home- grown Martial Art.
Falcon Tours and TravelsAnti Ageing (Rasayana Chikitsa) - 28 days
A powerful anti-ageing treatment that revitalizes the enzymes in tissue cells, and changes their composition to more youthful levels. The nerves and bones too, are soothed and softened, and the treatment promotes great tranquility of mind.

Falcon Tours and TravelsStress Elimination (Manasanthy) - 7 to 14 days

Perfect if you're suffering from excessive physical or mental stress. Insomnia, poor concentration, fatigue and tension headaches are some telltale symptoms. The programme is also good for most people who use computers a lot, who travel frequently or work late nights

Falcon Tours and TravelsGeneral Rejuvenation Therapy (Panchakarma) - 21 to 28 days

This is the classic all-round Ayurvedic booster, and it's been gaining worldwide fame in recent years. Panch Karma works to remove decades of toxic effects on the body, and has a powerful restorative effect on every area of the metabolism, bones and nervous system.

Falcon Tours and TravelsSlimming Programme (Sthaulyaikna Chikitsa) - 21 to 28 days

Most diets don't work because many people are metabolically prone to fat, and soon put back the pounds they lose while dieting. This slimming programme helps change the body's metabolism too, even as it gets rid of cellulite and spare tyres.

Falcon Tours and TravelsBeauty Care - 7 to 10 days

This programme promotes beauty from within and without. You'll be pampered from head to toe for a week, and the therapy tones not just your skin and complexion, but also firms and strengthens the underlying muscles.
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