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A little away from the village, SwaSwara lies on 26 acres of rolling hills and gardens adorned by flowers, shrubs and spices that give each other company on a carpet of green lawns, lined with serene coconut palms. Beyond the lawns is a vegetable garden bursting with the greens of the season and paddy fields that nourish those who stay at SwaSwara.

And within this spiritually enlightened and sensitive environment nestle 24 villas inspired by the homesteads, tradition and craft of the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka. There is nothing here, to take away from what is natural. The architecture respects the terrain, the climate and the natural offerings of the land. The colors of the earth and the forests are what define living spaces here. Those who created this haven for the soul saw beauty in unevenness. In the deeper philosophy that perfection isn't always about hiding flaws. It's about revealing the serendipity in jaggedness.

We give our guests a holiday experience that is surreal without being removed from reality. Combining the elements of Yoga, rejuvenative Ayurveda, Art and holistic interactive Cuisine.

Falcon Tours and TravelsAccommodation at SwaSwara consists of 24 self-contained Villas, built in the local Konkan style, featuring air -conditioning, modern plumbing and most other modern conveniences you'd expect.
Falcon Tours and TravelsNourishment at SwaSwara begins somewhere deep inside the soul and goes beyond the confines of the kitchen and the larder.

The concept of wellness is backed by a cuisine statement that puts a lot of emphasis on natural foods grown in harmony with nature, ripened naturally on good soil and cooked in the right manner, with the right attitude. They say partaking of a diet such as this, helps in the development of 'prana' or vital energy and spiritual consciousness ,while encouraging the development of the higher qualities of peace, love and humility. Fresh produce from the vegetable farm at SwaSwara and the neighborhood, provide the bounty that is transformed into delectable meals every day.

Luscious vegetables, juicy greens and fresh seafood define the nourishment plan here. Accompanied by a selection of fine Indian wines, to wash down the goodness of your meal.
Falcon Tours and TravelsThere are extensive Yoga, Pranayama and meditation facilities, with individual attention from qualified yoga teachers. SwaSwara has an Ayurveda centre, where you can try out a variety of massages and other therapies. Then there are the charms of Om beach, and a number of other beaches that are a short boat ride away. The temple town of Gokarna and Gokarna beach make for fascinating day excursions.
Falcon Tours and Travels

At SwaSwara, we offer you many options according to the length of your stay and needs. We recommend a SwaSwara holiday of seven nights to enjoy all the rejuvenation therapies on offer. If you decide to avail of treatment therapies, then you can avail of our 14 or 21 day packages, as recommended by our physicians.

Yoga finds many expressions here at SwaSwara. Laughter is one of them. Laughter is said to lift our spirits and release a cocktail of hormones and chemicals that reduce stress and blood pressure. It lifts the clouds of depression and boosts the immune system. With all this goodness coming your way at SwaSwara, you would want to laugh out loud, each day!

Chanting and Meditation. In which we use the power of words and silences to connect with the Creator.
OM Beach,
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