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Escape is the norm. To 'get-away' from it all. Relaxation is the aim and comfort in every aspect. Simple, yet sophisticated at Amanvana we want to cater to a yearning for returning to the essentials and to remind ourselves what the essentials really are. The five dots on our logo depict the senses that get heightened as you drive down into the gates of Amanvana - spa on the river Kaveri.

One of the greatest impressions that this place makes is on the eye. The aesthetic look combines with the tranquility of the river that flows at its own pace. The spa resort is encompassed by islands the largest of which extends up to most of the edge thereby giving it the name Amanvana - Peaceful Wilderness, Amanvana makes uses of natures energy to heat water (solar energy), has a state -of art -waste water treatment plant thereby ensuring that the river is as clean and pollution free as it always was. Use of separate garbage rooms ensure that no mixing of pollutants. Plastics are not welcome .."at Amanvana, Nature also gets the spa treatment.

Falcon Tours and TravelsAccommodation in Amanvana Spa Resort are all Bungalows. Bungalows at Amanvana are spacious comprising of a patio, living area and bedroom. We have a little closet space with all the amenities for a comfortable and chilled out holiday. Our bungalows are in three color schemes symbolizing the elements Red (fire), Yellow (sun) & Green (earth). Each bungalow has been painstakingly put together to have a natural and seamless flow of energies. The bathrooms are cladded in stone keeping to the colour concept of the bungalow that you will reside in. be it red, yellow or green. Step on our pebble tray and soak yourself in our bizzazza -clad tubs and feel all the weariness seeping out of your bones. Feel the class in glass as you see the texture and the leaves peeking out at you from the splash glass. An amazing feeling.
Falcon Tours and TravelsThe Multi Cuisine Restaurant at the Resort offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape while serving an extensive choice of cuisines. Continental, South & North India and also Coorgi Food.
Falcon Tours and TravelsOut Door Barbeque, Herb Garden, Coffee Hut, Swimming Pool, Library, Fine Dine, Amphitheatre, Yoga, Fine Arts, Outdoor Movie, Doctor on Call, Travel Assistance, Jacuzzi, Coffee Hut & SPA.
Golf, Picnic on Islands, Camping for Children, Sand Pit, Board Games & Nature Walks.
Bangalore 220 Kms
Mysore 80 Kms
Madikeri 32 Kms
Amanvana - Luxury Boutique Spa Resort
Post Box No. 21
Kushalnagar 571 234
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