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The Resort is located in a commanding position in the heart of masinagudi. Our resort covers an area of 5.5 acres. New Mountania Resort offers a panoramic breathtaking view of the magnificent surroundings. Look out of your bedroom and you'll be presented with a perpetually changing view of the environment. One moment it's misty, the other it's shrouded in shadows. Then when you least expect it, it's jaw-droopingly spectacular. While soaking in the view is an activity in itself, you'll see that the list of things to do is limited only by the time you have. It isn't uncommon to hear the calls of animals and the trumpeting of elephants as they pass by the resort.

Falcon Tours and Travels The resort houses cottages equipped with modern facilities. The cottages have adequate space between them to ensure you have complete privacy.
Falcon Tours and TravelsAt New Mountania we create a great dining experience with environmental friendly foods. We strive to make the dining fun and exciting. Our cuisines are influenced by the flavours and styles of many cultures. We are a motivated team of health-conscious, community-minded individuals. We are committed to the highest standards of food quality and customer service. We care about our guests experience and our crew's development.
Falcon Tours and Travels Trekking, Bird Watching, Elephant Safari & Campfire
Bangalore 250 Kms
Mysore 110 Kms
Ooty 40 Kms
New Mountania Resort
Ooty Mysore Road,
Masinagudi P.O,
Nilgiris - 643223
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