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Falcon Tours and Travels

Defining the eastern border of the Indian state of Kerala are the fabled Cardamom Hills. In the heart of this mountain fastness is a silent tropic wilderness, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. To experience Periyar is to know freedom. And The Wildernest is created to give you the freedom to experience it, your way. We make Periyar special. Because we keep it simple

You'll find spectacular herds of wild elephant roaming free, along with astonishingly diverse species of primates, birds and tropical woodland animals. By the way, there's a reason why your guides know the wildlife so well. They used to poach it. Until the government convinced them to go straight, that is. So rest assured, you're in the hands of experts.

Falcon Tours and Travels The Wildernest has 10 of the most spacious rooms around and filled them with all the comforts of home. No two rooms at The Wildernest are the same. And you can choose from two types.
Terraced rooms - With spacious, open sit-outs upstairs
Secret Gardens - With an intimate little garden that offers total privacy and seclusion
Modern spacious bathrooms, cable TV and telephones are some of the conveniences on hand.
Falcon Tours and TravelsWe believe in serving up breakfasts fit for mountain appetites. And so, bright and early each morning, you can choose from a groaning table featuring hearty cereals, fresh breads, eggs to order, a tropical fruit platter, home made peanut butter and preserves, plus all the tea and coffee you want. Enough to keep you trekking all day.

It is best to discover your dining options while walking down the road. It only takes a few minutes and you can pick from Kerala, North Indian, Chinese and continental dishes. Rates differ, based on the classiness of the place, but clean and delicious options abound, at pretty reasonable prices too.
Falcon Tours and Travels Modern Spacious Bathrooms, Cable TV, Intercom, 24 Hrs Hot & Cold Water, Doctor on Call & Travel assistance
All this are on request - Nature Walk, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Boat Safari & Campfire.
Cochin 200 Kms
Kottyam 114 Kms
Madurai 140 Kms
The Wildernest
Thekkady Road
Idukki District - 685 509
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