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Situated on the very edge of the natural haven called Mudumalai, The Wilds at Northern Hay is spread across 98 acres of wilderness and an ancestral coffee plantation.

Secluded, away from everywhere, this is where the wilderness comes to your doorstep, and beckons you; this is where you realize that you've forgotten the real meaning of life - the one that comes with your roots, your habitat, your planet. This is where solitude, bliss, reflection and a sense of being close to nature is prime.

And that's what The Wilds at Northern Hay is all about.

Once an ancestral coffee warehouse where the world's finest coffee was stored, the House in the Wilds is divided into a hall, dining room and several charming areas where one may relax. This, coupled with all amenities, makes the House a true combination of comfort and wilds.

Falcon Tours and Travels All rooms are doubles with chairs, writing table, dressing table and more. Refreshingly different and quite eclectic, each room combines a rustic spirit with the luxury of feeling truly pampered. With well-appointed bathrooms and all the comforts of good living, staying here is a real treat. Also you choose to stay in their luxurious Tree House and get a bird's eye view of the surrounding area.
Falcon Tours and TravelsThe dining hall has quaint antique chairs and dining tables, perfect for a candlelit dinner. Lunch and dinner are served here or outside, and are charged as per need. The menu is limited, but the food is undeniably the finest in the area. The Platform offers you almost a perfect 360 degree view of the plantation and the forest beyond. Enjoy a barbeque or just lounge the night away.
The Library Room - is also the common room where you can pluck out a sheaf of papers on the wildlife of the region or sit down in a lazy chair with your favorite bestseller, 24 Hrs Hot & Cold Water, Doctor on Call, Travel Assistance & Intercom.
Falcon Tours and TravelsSpot wildlife at its best, experience a thrilling ride the jungle in an open jeep, enjoy a barbecue on a platform overlooking the estate, explore the coffee plantation, trek with a guide, enjoy some culinary delights, picnic by the river, listen to the incessant sounds of life all around, get the routine of everyday life out of your system & visit an elephant camp and enjoy an elephant ride through the jungle.
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The Wilds at Northern Hay
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