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A typical Coorg plantation cottage, from the British Raj. Surrounded by estate with a valley in front. Quaintly styled, with a red tile roof and a large compound.

The cottage has been part of excitingly good times for the last 100 years. Hunting was always the favourite past time of the Coorg. Here the owner's grandfather gathered with his friends, often joined by British planters, to go hunting

In the verandah of the cottage today are mementoes of those times. The mounted horns of giant bison. The forests, even today, hold bison, tiger, deer, elephant and bear. Now of course, these forests are protected areas and are quite distant from the house.

05 Double Bedroom with modern amenities.
Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian & Coorg traditional food.
Walk or drive to the rivulet nearby to the River Cauvery, Play Frisbee, Cricket, Set up tents near the river bank, Walking / Trekking & Bonfire.
Bangalore 260 Kms
Mysore 120 Kms
Cloud Valley
Cherambane Village
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