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Bannerghatta, on the outskirts of Bangalore (25km), offers you all the sights, sounds and action of 25,000 acres of carefully preserved jungle. In the eco-proactive spirit of Jungle Lodges, we have created a Nature Camp - an ideal place for school children/ freshers to be moulded into future naturalists. Bannerghatta is where Karnataka Forest Department rehabilitated lions and tigers rescued from circuses (the largest number in India). They live in kraals that recreate their natural habitats. This apart you'll be taken on the India's first Lion and Tiger Safari, a major tourist draw. Bannerghatta is ideal for an overnight getaway, one that's exciting, extremely accessible and of excellent value for money. Corporate groups will find this Camp a great option for their off-sites, seminars or meetings.

Falcon Tours and TravelsBannerghatta Nature Camp has eight, neatly laid, luxurious, tented cottages - twin-bedded, Swiss tents with attached bathrooms. The camp has two stilted log-huts to its accommodation. These huts are made of locally available logs and other material. With attached baths, these huts are well appointed and comfortable in every way. The Camp also has a tidy dormitory that can accommodate about 32 adults. This dormitory has bathrooms that need to be shared by the occupants.
Falcon Tours and TravelsAt the Nature camp you will be indulged with the best for local cooking - vegetarian and non-vegetarian - buffet style. You can request for Continental and Chinese food to suit your palate.
The Camp has a conference hall, which can accommodate about 30 people, theatre style. The camp also has an open-to-sides, dining area called the Gol Ghar, a signature design component of Jungle Lodges and Resorts. The Gol Ghar, gives guests an experience that is very close to nature. Sometimes, the resident deer and sambar come very close to the Gol Ghar while guests dine.
Falcon Tours and TravelsThe Grand safari includes visit to the Lion, Tiger and the Bear enclosures. You can also take a guided nature trek into the Herbivore area of the Park. Bannerghatta is ideal for children and budding naturalists to explore the many secrets of Nature. Besides you will also get the opportunity to visit the Asia's largest Butterfly Park.
Falcon Tours and TravelsWild elephants are spotted regularly in the dense forests of Bannerghatta. The other mammals to be sighted here are bonnet macaques, spotted deer, barking deer, slow Loris, wild boar, porcupine, three-striped palm squirrel and jackal. A birdwatcher's delight, this park is abounding with about 200 species of birds like Honey Buzzard, Brahminy Kite, Indian Great Horned Owl, Spotted Owlet, Purple Sunbird, Loten's Sunbird, Small Green barbet, Paradise, Tickell's Blue, Fantail Flycatchers and Common Kingfisher.
Day 01 Day 02
12:00 Noon: Check in & Freshen up 06:00 Hrs: Wake up call with a cup of Tea/Coffee
13:00-14:30 Hrs: Sumptuous lunch spread for you at the Ghol Ghar and relax. 06:30 - 08:30 Hrs: Nature Walk in the Herbivore Safari Enclosure. While on our walk, you'll see Gaurs, Nilgais, Sambhars, Black Bucks, Barking Deer and birds like the Magpie-Robin, Rufous backed shrike, Paradise flycatcher, Grey herons, Egrets, Grey jungle fowl
15:30 Hrs: visit to the well inhabited zoo - hippopotamus, zebras, leopards, reptile park, sloth bears etc. Next you'll be taken on the Lion and Tiger Safari, and when you've watched the big cats to your heart's content, you'll be shown the most spectacular view of the National Park from the top of Udagina Bande. With a dense valley beneath, chances of spotting wild elephants are high here. You can see the elephants' watering hole, Doddanna Kere, from nearby 08:30 - 10:00 Hrs: Breakfast at Ghol Ghar
19:30 Hrs: Wild Life Film Show 11:00 Hrs: Check out of the Resort
06:00 Hrs: Wake up call with a cup of Tea/Coffee  
Bangalore 25 Kms
Bannerghatta Nature Camp
Bannerghatta Biological Park
Bangalore - 560 083
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